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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays from the staff at Ecobuddies!

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Hi everyone,

The staff at EcoBuddies want to wish you a happy and safe holiday season. Thank you for making 2008 an amazing year for EcoBuddies. We have been beta testing since September and things are really coming along. We are excited to launch some new content in 2009 and make EcoBuddies better than ever.

Best Wishes,
Chad Greenway, CTO
EcoBuddies Interactive Ltd.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Here Ye Here Ye! Come and see the Winning Costumes!

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Come one, come all to Jumbles Costume Shop and take a gander at the colorful winning costumes from our December Costume Contest. 
One size fits all!


Monday, December 15, 2008

Dum Da Da Dum!!!!!!!! And The Winners Are!!!!!!

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Drum roll please! 

And here are the winners of our very first EcoBuddies costume contest! Congratulations everyone! We are going to make your costume designs and they will be for sale in Jumbles Costume Shop in a couple of days. Be sure to check in and see the new costumes for sale!

Great work!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas is coming to EcoBuddies!

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Hey Buddy!

There are some great things happening for the holidays in EcoBuddies. Be on the lookout for our new Christmas game, Present Pileup, and keep an eye out for new costumes in Jumbles Costume Shop. If we are lucky maybe we will get some fresh snow and a visit from the jolly old man himself.

Shazam and Happy Holidays!

Our Costume Contest is coming to a close! Get your designs in soon!

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Hey Buddy!

Our Costume Design Contest is coming to a close and we will be announcing the winners on December 15th right here on my blog! Be sure to mail off your designs right away if you want to get them in on time!


Here are some great cotume designs from KMaster and Nelly123

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Hey Buddy!

Check out the amazing designs sent in by KMaster and Nellly123! Great Job you guys!
I can't wait to dress up like a human or a wizard! After all, I am a magician :)


Monday, December 8, 2008

Animal of the Month, December 2008

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The mighty Baboon!

Did you know that there are five different species of baboon and four of them live in the savanna, dry areas in both Africa and Arabia.

Baboons lack that ability to grip things with their tails, but they still climb trees sometimes to avoid predators.

Baboons eat birds, rodents, and even the young of larger mammals, such as antelopes and sheep.

Baboons live in groups that can range from a dozen members to over one hundred.

What a cool animal!

Here are some great Costume Designs from Cloe!

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Hey Buddy!

Wow! Take a gander at these amazing costume designs from Cloe!
Great work Cloe!


December CONTESTS and FUN!

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Hi Buddies!

Here are our contests and fun for December!

Hippopotamus got a very bad cold and was not able to make it to the last two tag games. I am sure you were still able to have great fun though, especially in the snowy winding woods.

Good news though! Hippo is better and VERY excited to play tag this Wednesday and the rest of the Wednesdays coming up this month. He also likes playing hide and go seek... and giving out COINS. Meet Hippo in the winding woods at 8pm every Wednesday to play some games! Shamzam!!!!

Last month the Halloween Howler gave coins to Buddies every Friday who had brought new friends to EcoBuddies. The Halloween Howler, who changed his name to Holiday HobNobs just last week, will now be meeting Buddies on MONDAYS at 8pm. The catch is, Holiday Hobnobs will be hiding, so you have to find him in order to win coins and you ALSO have to bring a friend who is new to EcoBuddies (never been on the site). I heard he was a little relaxed with this rule last month, but this month you have to bring a friend who is new to EcoBuddies to win coins.

What other games and contests do you think we should have? Let us know! And don't forget our FABULOUS COSTUME CONTEST!!! We are taking submissions until December 15. Read below for more details.

I hear that Santa will be coming to EcoBuddies for Christmas. Maybe he will be giving out presents?


Thursday, December 4, 2008

It looks like a white Christmas!

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Hey Buddy!

A storm blew through Evergreen and brought some snow with it! Looks like it will be a perfect EcoBuddies Christmas!

Shazam and Happy Holiday!

Monday, December 1, 2008

EcoBuddies' Scavenger Hunt Contest Winner

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Congratulations to 'albert', the winner of our November EcoBuddies' Scavenger Hunt!

Albert won 20,000 coins! Wow!!!

Make sure you congratulate albert on a job well done!