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Monday, May 31, 2010

Ask Jumbles

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 6:04 PM 10 comments

Dear Jumbles,

Where did you get the leafs from? What is the leafs powers and how many do we need to get rid of burglette?

Over & Out,
~bubbles125 :)

Dear Super Agent Bubbles,

The leaves are from my backyard dandelion patch. I grow each leaf with a lot of love and care until it is taller than my head. I sew two leaves together to make the costume.

You will need five to six leaves to make Burglette good. I only know this because one morning I was having brunch with PESTO and Burglette tried to steal my clown nose. I was making leaf costumes in the same room she broke into and she began sneezing very hard as soon as she climbed through the window because she is so allergic to dandelions. I have discovered since that when she is sneezing she turns good for some reason.

Hope this helps!


Dear Jumbles,
When is the new world going to be ready?
-peace rocks-
pennymarie99 :)

Dear Penny,

I keep asking Mr. Hooper the same question. He told me the New World will be in as soon as Biff wakes up to help him out. Hm...

Many thanks,

Dear Jumbles
How can ecobuddies be more greener online ?

Dear Piggers,

I think this is a great question. EcoBuddies will be adding A LOT more green items in the next month including four new green games, videos about animals, a book from Pesto about his journey in the Rainforest and more.

We also will be creating a book soon to sell online to raise money to help the animals in the oil spill. We hope to get a famous person to sign it for sure like you said. Do you have any ideas you think we should do? 

Yay! Thanks Piggers!

Dear Jumbles,

When are the new stuff coming to ecobuddies?

Dear Friend,

There will be lots of new stuff coming fast. This week we will get in profile pages for all the Buddies, as well as we will make the Buddy Juice last a LONG TIME.


Remembers friends! You can ask me a question anytime and I will respond to it!
Jumbly Yours, Jumbles


Posted by Pesto and Violet at 5:47 PM 0 comments

Yay! Long live our new King and Queen, King KINGBOO and Queen Ashly123!

Yay! As our new King and Queen Ashly and KINGBOO will get:
  • An amazing party just for them!
  • 10,000 coins each!
  • An interview with PESTO
  • Their interview posted on our famous blog!

King KINGBOO and Queen Ashly now will reign over the world of EcoBuddies for the next week!

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 3:03 PM 6 comments
NO! Terrible news! Pirates are beginning to land in EcoBuddies. It seems as though some are good and some are bad.

Captain Nut who wears red is good. He came to see us today to warn that another Pirate named Pirate Beardsley is coming to create chaos in EcoBuddies. No!

Soon Captain Beardsley showed up in the winding woods and told us that he is planning to get every animal to leave EcoBuddies for good- including all the hamsters. He said he hates all animals and wants to live in EcoBuddies so he is going to ruin it for everyone but himself. Burglette, unfortunately, was not around any leaves when this happened so she had become bad again. Her and Beardsley wear blue to show their alignment with the bad side.

Beardsley left this cryptic message as well. Can anyone solve it?

Over land and over sea
Here the pirates come to be.
Show your colors, show your pride
Then we'll know your real side.

What does this mean?

Detective Viper

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Super Agents save Fullmoon from underwater castle

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 12:20 PM 0 comments

Popojijo along with all of the super agents saved Fullmoon today. Night Wind used her special ability to  smell and we followed a scent trail to Thunder Falls. Then Popojijo, Bubbles and the rest of the super agents swam down under water and saved Fullmoon, breaking the spell!!!!!

Congrats Agents! This is what all of the hard training is for:)

Popojijo aka Detective Viper

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Check out some cool videos on our new Video page!!!!!

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 5:26 PM 3 comments
Hey Buddies!

Just click the Video link at the top of the blog to visit our Video page. We will be posting some really cool videos for your viewing pleasure:)


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Posted by Pesto and Violet at 11:37 AM 9 comments

Here Ye! Here Ye!

Queen Nibbles9 and Queen Cottoncandy had their amazing interview with Pesto on Saturday morning and here it is!

PESTO: What is your favorite color?
Nibbles9: Blue
Cottoncandy: Pink!

PESTO: What is your favorite hobby?

Nibbles9: Sports!
Cottoncandy: Cooking

PESTO: Wonderful! And what is your favorite food?

Nibbles9: Cheese Puffs!
Cottoncandy: Dark brown chocolate!

PESTO: Cool! What is your favorite dance?

Nibbles9: Hip Hop and the Hamster Dance!
Cottoncandy: Hip Hop!

PESTO: And what would you like to be when you grow up?

Nibbles9: I want to help animals!
Cottoncandy: Singer

PESTO: What super power would you have if you could choose a super power?

Nibbles9: Breathe fire
Cottoncandy: Read minds and super vision

PESTO: What do you like best about being queens?

Nibbles9: Helping others
Cottoncandy: Helping others

Wow! You both are awesome Queens! Stay tuned to find out who will be the next Queen!

Shazam! Pesto

Ideas to Help Louisiana and Hey! Meet Ferma!

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 11:06 AM 2 comments
Hi Buddies!

OMG! It is me- Ferma! I am one of the co-creators of EcoBuddies! Hi Hi!

So, like you probably, I am really upset about the oil spill in Louisiana. It makes me so sad to think about all the animals who will be in danger because of the spill and I really want to help them in some way. Also, there are so many people who will be losing their jobs because of the spill- people who are fishermen or who work in the fishing industry- because the oil will pollute all the fish, crabs, and shrimp :-(

I am very sad when I think about this and I think EcoBuddies can make a difference to help these people and the animals... If you have any ideas please let me know what they are!

I was thinking maybe all the Buddies could submit drawings of how kids can help the environment, EcoBuddies could then make a book with all the pictures, sell it, and then all the money we make with the book could go to an organization that helps the animals in Louisiana on the Coast....

Do you like this idea? We could do drawings or poems... or stories....

Let me know what you think!


PS: Um, btw, it is only safe to post a picture of yourself on a blog if you are an adult, which I am, so above is a pic of me.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dear Jumbles #1

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 2:27 PM 9 comments

Dear Jumbles,

Who is that little hamster in the caves that pops out?

Sincerely, Pocoyo


Dear Pocoyo,

Thanks for your question. The little hamster's name is Willigers. He is very shy and does not talk to anyone unless he knows them very well. His best friend in EcoBuddies is Mr. Hooper because they both like to adventure in caves.

Thanks Pocoyo for your question!

Jumbly yours!


Dear Jumbles,

How do you make so many costumes?

Love, Mable


Dear Mabel,

I love making costumes so much! The more costumes I make the happier I am. I have been working on costumes that were drawn for EcoBuddies' costume contest. I am currently making the wings of a huge dragon costume.

Jumbly yours!



Posted by Pesto and Violet at 2:12 PM 2 comments

All Hail our new King and Queens of EcoBuddies, King Scsinga, Queen Nibbles9, and Queen CottonCandy! We have two Queens this week because our Queen list is pretty long right now!

All Kings and Queens get:

10,000 coins!
A party just for them!
Interview with Pesto
Their interviews posted on our famous blog!


If you want to be a King or Queen you must be a paying member of EcoBuddies and let us know by posting a comment on our blog.


Shazam! Pesto


Posted by Pesto and Violet at 2:05 PM 2 comments
YO YO HAMMIES! Just wanted to let you know that we have a TON of things that will be happening in the next few weeks!

First of all, we are going to be putting some amazing videos of Snapping Turtles, Sloths, Titi Monkeys, and SHARKS, as well as four more games into EcoBuddies pretty soon!

Second, we are going to be expanding your profiles, so that your friends will be able to see who your friends are, what clothes, costumes, and pets you have, as well as you may even be able to write a short sentence about how you doing, or something that you like! COOL HEY?

Third, we will be putting your costumes in this summer (for those of your who entered the costume contest) so STAY TUNED!

Fourth, we will be creating EcoBuddies very own newspaper and you all will be able to submit drawings and stories to be published in it! Wow! We will put the winning entries in our story contest in the first edition of the newspaper!

Fifth, Jumbles has a new ASK JUMBLES column in our blog. If you have a question that you need answered please comment on our blog and Jumbles just may answer your question! WOW!



Posted by Pesto and Violet at 1:49 PM 0 comments
This is bubbles125's story... hope you like it! :)

     It was late at night, everyone in EcoBuddies were sound asleep, well… almost everyone everyone except BURGLAR. “MUH HA HA HA!” said BURGLAR. “I’m going to take over EcoBuddies and no one can stop me! But what should I do? Hmm…” Then suddenly an idea came into his mind. “Ah ha! I know what to do now… I’m going to control everyone in EcoBuddies by building a mind controlling device! MUH HA HA HA! Brilliant! Brilliant!” crackled BURGLAR.

     So the next few days BURGLAR went to his secret hiding spot and built his mind controlling device. It took him many tries to get his mind controlling device to work. Until finally… “I’m done! I successfully built a mind controlling device! YES!” shouted BURGLAR. “Now... what should I test it on or who should I test it on?” thought BURGLAR. Suddenly there was a sudden shout “Presto!” said PESTO while he’s practicing his magic trick near BURGLAR’s hiding spot. “I know! I will test my mind controlling device on PESTO!” So BURGLAR went outside and hid behind a tree. PESTO was on his way to attend to a party for all the buddies until suddenly… BURGLAR pointed his device at PESTO and clicked the red button. “Click!” Then suddenly PESTO just stood there without moving. “Hmm… did it work?” said BURGLAR. So then BURGLAR decided to give PESTO a command to see if it worked. “PESTO, give me your wand!” said BURGULAR. “Yes BURGLAR.” replied PESTO as he handed his wand to BURGLAR. “YES! It works!” said BURGLAR. “Now I will be able to control all the buddies and take over EcoBuddies once and for all!” crackled BURGLAR.

     At the party, all the buddies were having fun. Then PESTO appeared and said “Hi buddies!” in a robotic kind of voice. Everyone yelled “Hi! PESTO!” No one knew that PESTO was under BURGLAR’s control. “From now on, BURGLAR will be the ruler of EcoBuddies.” said PESTO. “WHAT!?!?” said everyone in confusion. Then BURGLAR appeared and said, “MUH HA HA! That’s right! I’ll be taking over EcoBuddies and no one can stop me!” “We’ll never let you take over Ecobuddies!” cried one the buddy. “Oh really? PESTO is under my control and soon all of you will join him.” said BURGLAR. “Ahh!” shouted everyone as they tried to run away. “Not so fast! PRESTO!” shouted BURGLAR with a flick of the wand and puts a barrier around Winding Woods making sure all the buddies can’t escape. “It’s no use to run away! I will control every single one of you to do my bidding!” said BURGLAR as he pointed his device at everyone and clicked the red button. “Click!” everyone froze and BURGLAR crackled “MUH HA HA! Yes! Finally! I am the ruler of all EcoBuddies!” BURGLAR commanded everyone what to do. Then suddenly it started to rain really hard. The device got wet and exploded and everyone was released from the mind control. “Nooooooooo!” cried BURGLAR. “Let’s go catch BURGLAR!” shouted one of the buddies. “Yeah! Let’s go get BURGLAR!” said another buddy. So everyone started to catch BURGLAR. But then, “Poof!” he was gone and the wand was left on the ground where he disappeared. “He’s gone! Where did he go?” shouted a buddy. “Oh well, we will get him next time.” said PESTO. “Good job buddies we chased BURGLAR away and saved EcoBuddies! And now we will continue our party! And celebrate our victory!” So all the buddies had a great time and won lots of coins. But then there was a sudden howling sound “HOWL!” Who could that be?
  The End… or is it? Hhhoooowwwllll!”


Posted by Pesto and Violet at 1:42 PM 0 comments
Once upon a time in the magical school of ecobuddies there was a little boy named PESTO and there where these little boys and girl and they where picking on him and there names where BURGLAR, MINION , and BURGLETTE and PESTO was just dealing with getting picked on and he didn't tell his parents his teachers his friends to stand up to the bullies because he didn't want them to get mad and make them think that he is a wimp but he's not. So one day PESTO yelled in his head and this is what he said ' I have had it and this is enough!"So he took his wand and he did a magical spell and then it made BURGLAR,MINION,and BURGLETTE go to the ecobuddies time warp jail because Constable MuGruff caught them picking on PESTO and so PESTO was never picked on ever ever again in his whole life!

LAX1111 and this is my story!

Bluebell's Story Yeah!

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 1:40 PM 1 comments
So there was like thiz lil hamty hamter named Pesto. He is so nice and gud. Then there is Jumbels he turned so bad! Jumbels stick a crab in Pestos hat and Pesto pulled it out of the hat. The crab hurt PESTO it bit his ear and an ambulance comes and takes Pesto to help him. Pestos ear bandaged up and then the nurse goes 'Pesto RUN'. And Jumbels coming and waving his arms. So sorry he says the GOST OF MUK MUCK GEYSER pretended to be me. OK that is ok Pesto says. Do not worry Pesto says I knew that the hole time!


Posted by Pesto and Violet at 1:34 PM 0 comments
This is eggo2 and this is my story.   One day in ecobud land eggo said I'M GONNA HAVE A PICNIC WITH MY FREINDS BY THE FALLS YAYA, so eggo made a bunch of eggos cuz it her favrite food and she put them by the blanket and then ran to tell her freinds to come SO they all ran back to falls and there was NO EGGOS THERE  OMG WAT HAPPND? Kingboo was in his nest lookin after litle eagles. Everone said KINGBOO did BURGLAR come and take our eggos?  Kingboo said a bunch of ants came out of blanket and he cud not stop them!  THEN eggo and all her freinds said OMG LOOK cuz giant ants ran down that tree lookin really scary RUN FOR THE SECRET CAVES we yelled so we all ran in caves and were safe but Kingboo kept lookin after his nest becuz he is very brave but we are NEVER coming out of the caves. the end  HELP

A new look for Pesto's Blog!

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 10:49 AM 1 comments
Hey Buddies!

Pesto's Blog has a new look. Let us know what you think with the simple poll above:)


Monday, May 17, 2010

Amazing Party and Interview with Queen Bubbles, King JcSinGgA, and King Jamiel

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 10:39 AM 7 comments

What an amazing interview I had with JcSinGgA, Jamiel, and Bubbles! It was just fantastic!

PESTO: What is the best thing about being King or Queen?
JcSinGgA: Helping others.
Bubbles: Helping others.
Jamiel: Helping others.

PESTO: If you had any superpower what would it be?
JcSinGgA: I would be spiderman and superman in one!
Bubbles: Invisible, mind-reading, and super speed.
Jamiel: Fire!

PESTO: EcoBuddies is going to have quests soon! What kind of quests should we have?
JcSinGgA: Find a bad guy!
Bubbles: Finding treasure!
Jamiel: Find a bad guy!

PESTO: What is your favorite things about EcoBuddies?
JcSinGgA: Pesto and Parties!
Bubbles: Hanging out with friends and helping.
Jamiel: Cute hamsters!

PESTO: What is your favorite animal?
JcSinGgA: Dragon!
Bubbles: Penguins!
Jamiel: Lions!

What a great interview! Thanks so much for partying with Pesto!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Please Do Our Amazing Survey yay!

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 3:25 PM 9 comments

Yay! Let us know what you think about EcoBuddies by taking our new survey! Click here to go there now!


Shazam, Pesto


Posted by Pesto and Violet at 3:23 PM 3 comments
One day, PESTO and I were in the winding woods. We were talking about new stuff we can put on Ecobuddies, when all of a sudden BURGLAR, BURGLETTE, THE MINION, GHOST OF MUCK MUCK GEYSER, BURGLAR DAD, and BURGLAR MOM came, they were mad at PESTO because PESTO wouldn’t let BURGLAR, BURGLETTE, THE MINION, GHOST OF MUCK MUCK GEYSER, BURGLAR DAD and BURGLAR MOM do their evil plan to turn everyone in EB evil and make them their slaves and rule Ecobuddies forever! “You know PESTO won’t let you do that, PESTO is one of the EB owners and he is in charge of EB!” I said.
“Yeah I won’t let you do that, I’m in charge of EB your not and never will be!” PESTO said back to them.” I know we won’t but we have a plan that we are sure it will work, and we are not telling you what it is cause if we do your going to ruin it!” BURGLAR said. “Yeah” everyone else said on BURGLARS side. “Oh BURGLAR, BURGLETTE, THE MINION, GHOST OF MUCK MUCK GEYSER, BURGLAR DAD and BURGLAR MOM just let it go! No one wants to hear you cry because your plan with the aliens didn’t work, and if you know were going to win why try? Cause good people vs. evil people well…. Let’s just say good people win. And burglette I will tell all the EB owners your weakness cause if everyone knows your weakness we can stop you easily.” I said.
“Well nice try penny you’re not going to win this time! 2 against 6 you don’t have a chance of winning this time, because we have more people on our side than you do!” BURGLETTE said. “BURGLETTE, we don’t have less than you we have all of EB to help us! And that’s like 1,000,000 or more people on EB so I think it’s 6 against about 1,000,000 and who will win?” I said.
Then PESTO had to go, “I have to go now penny” PESTO said. “Ok bye PESTO” I replied back. Then, my friends molly4, bubbles125, pop34, pop43, and champ came I was so happy when they came, I almost shouted HI GUYS! But I didn’t. “Hey penny” all my friends said “Hi guys, How are you guys doing?” I asked “Good” they replied back. “BURGLETTE, BURGLAR, THE MINION, GHOST OF MUCK MUCK GEYSER, BURGLAR DAD, and BURGLAR MOM just came but they left” I said as I sat down on the grass.. ” And their mad at PESTO” I said to them “Why are they mad at him?” molly asked “they are mad because PESTO won’t let them do their evil plan to turn everyone in EB evil and make them their slaves and rule Ecobuddies forever!” I said “Oh wow! PESTO won’t let that happen to EB! He loves EB! He won’t let them get away with it! ” Bubbles, pop, and other pop said. “Yeah, he won’t let ANYTHING happen to EB! He owns EB!” I said. Then the next day………………….


Secret Agent Message

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 11:56 AM 4 comments


Saturday, May 15, 2010


Posted by Pesto and Violet at 3:34 PM 10 comments

Yay! Let us know what you think about EcoBuddies by taking our new survey! Click here to go there now!


Shazam, Pesto

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Story of Jumbles PART 1

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 3:35 PM 16 comments
OK, we heard what you had to say! You wanted a Jumbles' story and now you GOT IT! Here is Part 1 of Jumbles' story!

It was late at night, with only silence and sleep covering the land of EcoBuddies. Pesto lay in bed snoring. Grandpa Walnuts slept snugly in a large knitted blanket made lovingly by Grandma Walnuts. Biff, as usual, was happily asleep at the wheel of his red submarine dreaming about a most sleepy snooze. Jumbles’ bunk bed, however, lay strangely empty.

Strangely empty? I know, I know. An empty bed is not so strange. Jumbles could have simply woken up at two in the morning with a great need to use the bathroom. Or he may have awoken craving a cold glass of orange juice and snuck downstairs to his kitchen. These behaviors, after all, are quite normal to do in the middle of the night. You forget my dear reader about a most important detail! Jumbles neither uses a toilet nor does he have a kitchen! Why you ask? Because Jumbles is a hamster!

No, no. I know what you are thinking and it is not true. As a hamster,Jumbles does not just ‘go’ to the bathroom anywhere. That would be disgusting and as a hamster myself I am appalled that you would think that. In fact, as always, Jumbles’ bed linens were as white as snow and his running wheel had not a poop upon it. As for his lack of a kitchen let me ask you this. Have you ever seen a hamster bake a cake? If so, I would say it is straight to the loony bin for you as everyone knows hamsters do not use bowls, ovens, whisks, and spoons. I mean that would be odd wouldn’t it?

So, you must conclude as I did that Jumbles’ empty bed had no obvious explanation and this is why I immediately called the police, specifically, Constable McGuff.

“Hello, this is Constable McGuff,” he answered with a most serious voice.

"Constable," I said urgently, "I have a crime to report!"


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

JcSiiNgA's Saga Part 3: Dedicated to Totally Awesome!

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 11:29 AM 15 comments

This is for totallyawesome: GO TOTALLY AWESOME!

So, once BURGLAR and THE MINION stole the diamond, they saw a flashing light! The light showed them to a better island, called FANTAGE! but they didnt have enough power to go there, so they had to stay in EcoBuddies! So with the diamond, they both MADE a spell to POLLUTE EcoBuddies! That was a horrible thing. Ten days later, I made an account and named it JcSiiNgA, I went on and said "Ohh man, this place is really polluted!" So then I saw, BURGLAR, he saw me cleaning up. He said "WHAT are you DOING!" I said "ohh im just cleaning to help the enviroment" BURGLAR THEN STARTED TO cry? I dont know why? But then he said " You.... you are the chosen ONE!" I said "me, im just scsingas bid brother?" AND he said" I know but you have been chosen by PESTO" And i said "who is PESTO" He said "the Almighty one of EcoBuddies" I said "cool, when do i meet him" He said "the time will come when i rule the island, then your chance will come!" and i said "cool" Then, i went on. Walked and the I saw.......... PESTO! He said your time is worthy here! You have been chosen by ME to lead ALL of EcoBuddies, I was like "awesome"

The year is now 2022, and me, JcSiiNgA, have been ruling EcoBuddies, we have a succesful island and BURGLAR and THE MINION no longer are here.

Burglar's Dad's Story!

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 11:27 AM 1 comments
Once upon a time it was a rainy day and a happy family and they had to get rushed to the hospital because they where having a baby and so the mom had the baby and the dad was very happy for becoming a parent of a little baby girl.But then everyone was sleeping but the baby wasn't and she fell out of the bed and crawled over to these steps and she crawled up onto them and then she stood up a little bit over this pot and then she fell into the pot and then the father woke up and saw a sign that said witches hospital and then the dad tried to help the baby out of the pot and there was potion in the pot but then he fell into the pot too! Then the mother woke up and tried to help but she fell in too! Then the little boy but then he fell into the pot too........But they where all fine when they came out but the only thing that messed them up was the potion but then they all noticed it was the EVIL potion and that same following day they all turned EVIL!!!! They all came out of the pot as BURGLETTE ( little baby) BURGLAR (little boy) BURGARDAD (Dad) BURGLETTEMOM (Mom) !!!!


Caramel 122's Story!

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 11:26 AM 1 comments
One day on a crisp breezy fall day I Caramel122 was taking a walk outside near the wagon. When all of a sudden a hamster by the name of Pesto appeared! I jumped a little to my surprise as I never seen such a hamster. He was wearing a black suit and a nice lovely black hat that would spin in the breeze. I asked who are you. He replied I'm the great Pesto!!!! I said "oh well I'm Caramel." He said "would you like to see my castle?" I almost couldn't speak I was so honored but I did say yes. As we were walking to his castle no one was speaking. Dead silence filtered the room. But sooner or later we reached a long narrow path with blue carpet with golden fringe. I almost fainted. At the top of the castle the roof was black but it sparkled in the light. And oh the windows were sky blue that were as big as anything! I couldn't believe it. We went inside and he took me for a tour. I saw rooms with tables made out of gold, beds that were just fit for a king and last but not least I saw the backyard. It had a big in ground pool a swing set and also a big flower garden that had butterflies and bees buzzing all through it to get the last bit of nectar there can be. So I told Pesto it was a lovely castle but i had to go. He walking me home that evening and I promised myself Pesto would also be my best friend! The End Written bye: caramel122

Molly's Amazing Story!

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 11:24 AM 3 comments

Saturday morning. I wake up go to the bathroom, and head on over to my computer to explore the wonderful world of ecobuddies. As I log on I see the outfit my hamster is wearing and change it if I wore it too long. Then I check my friends list. I get very joyful when my best friends are online. When nobody is online, I go on facebook and come and check if people are on later. My friends and I will talk, play games, and have lots of fun. A game I love to play with my friends on ecobuddies is the game FASHION FLIP!! (I made it up) You flip and change outfits/customs and when someone says freeze, you freeze with whatever outfit/custom you’re wearing. It’s super funny. Sometimes somebody says freeze and I’m in a goofy outfit. Also on ecobuddies my friends and I may have parties. We try to get a lot of people to come and party. I remember on time Julia1, caramel122, (I know them in real life), and I made a party on ecobuddies and told everyone to go to the sub. We got A LOT of people to come. It was very cool. On ecobuddies I like to hear about people’s days. I tell all my ecobuddie friends about how fun my days were. I remember one time my friend XxCoolGirlxX told me about the day she had in school. Also my friend pop34 once told me she got hit by a car. That made me sad and almost cried. I love when the cop comes online. I get so thrilled. The cop is so nice and will give out coins and memberships. The cops do a great job on ecobuddies to make that website a good safe learning place. I been on ecobuddies for a very long time and had many friends that gone away, new ones that entered my life, and ones that I still have today. When I first started to play on ecobuddies I had two very odd but awesome friends. They were bibiboy and venom29. I will never forget them. One time I was online and saw bibiboy again. I haven’t seen him in a year and my smile grew large when I saw him again. I made lots of new friend too like piggers, LAX1111, bubbles125, and many more. I also have friend that I still have now like silver stream, pennymaire99, candy67, and much more. The sadness thing on ecobuddie is saying good bye to a very nice friend. I remember the day I had to say goodbye to my best friend on ecobuddies; ccz19. I was crying. I felt dismal in me. My happy heart slipped out of me as a sad one entered. It was the day I never wanted to happen. I said my last goodbye and she never came back as much on ecobuddies. Every day I look for her and never will she return. One day she did come back on and I was so cheerful. Ecobuddies changed my life forever. Without it I wouldn’t be the person I am now. Thank you so much ecobuddies for all you gave me.

Spider 880s Story! Part 1

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As a boy, Viper always attended his school, the EcoBuddies Education Center, or the EBEC. Viper loved school, and loved mysteries and reading about mysteries as well. It's been rumored Viper never missed a single day at school, but let's get on to the story now. A few years after Viper started school, 2 new students come to their school. Their names were Burgler and Burglette. Burglar was the same age as Viper, however Burglette was a couple years younger than them both. After a week or so at school Burgler began to look around. He was looking for a "sofite" to bully. He soon picked Viper as his target. Burglar began to bully Viper, and did many mean things to him. The worst thing Burglar ever did to viper was drop peanuts down Viper's shirt. Burglar would pick on Viper, and sometimes Burglette would join in. Viper never told the teachers or anyone else about this, because he thought he'd be embarassed. Burglar and Burglette kept teasing Viper for the rest of their time at school. They all graduated, and Viper then became the sidekick of an old but very famous detective, Dr. Zorkenheimer. Viper began solving mysteries with the Doctor, and soon Dr. Zorkenheimer allowed Viper to do some mysteries all by himself. Viper then solved more mysteries than Zorkenheimer. Zorkenheimer was pleased with Viper, and he soon retired, making Viper Head Detective. Then one day...


The Story of Burglette: PART III

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"Sir," I replied trembling, "I am taking her... She is too small and needs to choose her own life."

Father sneered and whipped Burglette from my hands. He dropped her into a large pocket in his overcoat.

"You fool," he chortled, "it has already been done. She was dipped in the brew just yesterday. Today she is more wicked than even me."

I stared at him, afraid to reply. Father relaxed at my silence and leaned against the black armchair behind him. He drummed his long, skeletal fingers against his coat and looked at me with amused disgust.

Suddenly, I noticed a small pearly tooth jut out from my father's pocket. Then three more teeth broke through the fabric and quickly closed around my father's fingers.

"GAH!" he screamed, "Burglette, you unlovable, unscrupulous child, REMOVE YOUR TEETH AT ONCE."

At that moment, I took my chance, sprinting through the door and then down the hospital corridor. My father's angry howls followed me until I burst outside and found a large box to hide under.

Hours passed and I waited quietly with my face pressed into my hands, hot tears pooling at my feet. My sister, I thought, She is done for...


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Amazing Interview with King Jamiel and Queen FullMoon

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WOW! We had an amazing party today in honor of Queen Fullmoon and King Jamiel! Rock ON! Here is their interviews with PESTO!

PESTO: What is your favorite movie?
Jamiel: Spider Man and Bee
FullMoon: Napoleon Dynamite

PESTO: What is your favorite food?
Jamiel: Pizza
FullMoon: Herbs

PESTO: What is your favorite sport?
Jamiel: Basketball
FullMoon: All of them

PESTO: If you were King and Queen in real life what would you do?
Jamiel: Make everyone happy
FullMoon: Help everyone in need

PESTO: What do you think is going to happen next in The Story of Burglette?
Jamiel: Run!
FullMoon: Everything that happens in the story will actually happen in EcoBuddies!

PESTO: What is your favorite costume in EcoBuddies?
Jamiel: Crab
FullMoon: Butterfly

PESTO: If you were a superhero what power would you have and what superhero would you be?
Jamiel: Fire and I would be called FIRE MAN
FullMoon: I would be able to control water!

Thanks so much for the awesome interview King Jamiel and Queen FullMoon! Yeah!




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Hello, this is JcSiiNgA this is the second part of the SEGA

Once again i hope win!

So did everyone ask yourself the question? I did!!! It was a
distraction AFTER All!!! All those two wanted was to Steal Pestos
favorite Diamond!!! While the Ghost Of Muck, and Blarg and Zorg were
busy, they went to Pesto's secret stash... What will BURGLAR and THE
MINION do with THE DIAMOND??? These are all important QUESTIONS, which
will be answered in third part of this suspensfull SAGA/TRILOGY


Friday, May 7, 2010

ScSiinga's Amazing Story!

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Part 1 of Jcsiinga's 3 part epic mystery!!!!!!!! Shazam!!!!!

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Hi this is my story i am JcSiiNgA, this is a three part sega, with three parts, it has suspense and mystery I hope allt he buddies enjoy this, i hope i win the Story Contest thank You Ms.Ferma and PESTO. You both ROCK!
   Once upon a time, there was a boy named THE  MINION. THE MINION had a good life, he was rich, had cool parents and friends. One day he was walking when he met a boy named BURGLAR. BURGLAR was mean and nasty. THE MINION was REALLY scared, the BURGLAR would steal something from him. Instead of doing that, BURGLAR actually wanted to befriend THE MINION. THE MINION was like "Ohh this guy is cool, I should hang out with him". So they became best friends. They did everything togethor, they even went ot College for Evil People togethor. One day they were hiking through some islands and saw an island called EcoBuddies. He saw a cool man named Pesto. They both decided to ruin his island with Ghosts of Muck, and some pretty cool aliens named Blarg and Zorg, but their evil plans were destroyed, we the buddies helped. BUT, there is a second part to this mysterious story. Just ask yourself this QUESTON.
                               Why did BURGLAR and THE MINION want to destroy EcoBuddies. Was it a distraction? This will all be told in the second part of this amazing SEGA.
                                     TO BE CONTINUED.........

Here is an awesome story from Piggers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Once upon a time there was a magican named pesto and everywhere pesto went jumbles bugged pesto, "Can you teach me your magic tricks" said jumbles " Im sorry jumbles" said pesto "I cant tell you otherwise it wont be a trick anymore". "Oh said jumbles" So Jumbles went to piggers
and asked "Hi piggers" "Hi "I said "Do you no any magic tricks???: I'M sorry Jumbles i said
but I will tell you a secret. "What asked jumbles" Burglar and Burglarette are going to trash the dance athon next Saturday. I said "Oh no said jumbles" But i have a plan to stop them. we will cover there house in sticky syrup so they cant get out. Good Idea said Jumbles . BUt that night Burglar walked into JUmbles shop and asked what we has spoke of that night. BUrglar knew that moment jumbles would tell me whole plan . Jumbles started telling him about what had happened , then he began to tell about the secret when all the sudden Pesto came into the shop and used his magic spell to protect eco buddies from evil !!!!!!!!!!! Pestosa magic spell wouldnt let burgalr or burgalrette into the dance. Piggers won and won the gold medal. Pop 34 and 43 won silver and pennymarie and jamiel won bronze. The dance athon was fun and no matter what mdals we got it would always be a night to remember

The end

Moral of this story/lesson) Never tell a secret that is not ment to be
told because someone could get mad , it might hurt there feelings or

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EcoBuddies First Story for our Contest by Jamiel!

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Do you love to think of stories? Do you think Pesto or Jumbles is the best? Why not write a story about a Buddy in EcoBuddies and enter it into our STORY contest!

The three winners of our story contest will get FREE memberships, a special gift, AND their stories will be published in EcoBuddies' upcoming newspaper "The Evergreen News"! The newspaper will be available for all Buddies to read on our site! Not only that, but all stories will be posted on our blog! Wow!

Please email your stories to OR please write your story on your blog and let us know that we can find it on your blog (like post a comment on our blog to tell us where we can find the story on your blog)! You can also mail you story to:

103-8430 Jellicoe Street
Vancouver, BC
V5S 4S7

Please send all your stories to EcoBuddies by May 30th!

Over and out!

Shazam! Pesto

The Story of Burglette Part 2

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Don't think, I told myself firmly, Just do it! Terrified, I slid my trembling hands into the oven mitts and reached my hands into the cradle beside me. Burglette blew a bubble at me and waved her hands happily in the air.

It only took a few seconds to get too close, however. Suddenly the baby babble stopped and Burglette opened her mouth wide and snapped at my mitts with her teeth. "OOGA!" She screamed angrily, "OOGA BOOGA BOOGA!"

I was ready for her resistance, quickly grabbing the bottle I had brought with me and shoving it into her mouth. It was just then I heard the most horrible sound. Footsteps. Behind me!

I spun around. There my father stood, a terrifyingly tall man with a musty black coat, beady eyes, and wire-rimmed glasses.

"Burglar," he said frowning, "What are you doing to your sister?"



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It was not so long ago when Burglette was born. When I visited the hospital on that fateful day I snuck into Burglette's room only to find a tiny fuzzy baby peeking out of a soft pink blanket with her mother sleeping quietly beside her. The moment was so relaxed and so... normal... that I almost reached over and patted the tiny baby's head. Gasp!

I know, dear reader, you are laughing at me, thinking how could he be so dumbfoundedly stupid? Only an hour before a poor doctor had lost three fingers, his bow-tie, one sock (note: not his shoe, which remained on his foot throughout his entire encounter with the child), and a chicken nugget he had neatly tucked into his pocket for a late afternoon snack.

Needless to say, before entering the room I had glued my socks firmly to my legs and reminded myself to keep my hands in my pockets as much as possible. I also had written five letters to the people closest to me in case I did not return from my visit to the hospital.

I walked quickly to the child's bedside, opened the bag I had been carrying, and removed two oven mitts, one doll, one baby bottle, one blanket and placed them on a table beside me. Burglette looked up at me and cooed.

"Can I do this?", I whispered to myself, "How can I steal this baby? How will I survive?"


All Hail our new KING AND QUEEN!

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All hail our new King and Queen of EcoBuddies! King Jamiel and Queen Fullmoon will reign over EcoBuddies for the next week! yeah!

For prizes they will receive:

10,000 coins each
An exclusive interview with Professor Walrus
A picture with Professor Walrus
An amazing King and Queen Party!

If you would like to be King or Queen of EcoBuddies you must be a paying member! Just send us a note letting us know that you would like to be King and Queen and we will sign you up!

Note: There is a waiting list! :-)

Shazam! Pesto

Monday, May 3, 2010


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There is a link to the right of this page with Secret Stories for Agents! A new part of a story will be posted every three days by PESTO and DETECTIVE VIPER! This week's story is about BURGLETTE! Yeah! How did she get so bad anyhow?



The Winners of the Costume Contest....

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Friends! Buddies! EcoBuddies has chosen two winners of the costume contest! First of all we want to let you know that EVERY person who entered the costume contest will get one of their drawings made into a costume kids can buy from Jumbles Costume Shop! WOW! These are the costumes we have chosen to put into Jumbles Costume Shop- YEah!

Popcorn Ball: Rocker Girl Costume
Nibbles9: Ice Cream Costume
Totally Awesome: Earth Costume
Jamiel: Microphone
Bling-Bling: Cool Girl Outfit
Piggers: Cupcake Costume
Drake97: Shark Costume
JcSiiNga: Pie Buddy
Lax1111: Peanut Costume
Chris2001: Computer Buddy
Pogo Sticking Hamster: Pogo Stick Buddy
Fuzzbally: Dragon Costume

And the winners of the free month memberships are ... PopcornBall, TotallyAwesome, Bling-Bling, JcSiiNga, Chris2001, and Pogo Sticking Hamster! The winners of 10,000 coins each are Nibbles9, Jamiel, Piggers, Drake97, Lax1111, and Fuzzbally! Yay! So, yeah, ahem, EVERYONE WON! The Buddies without memberships get memberships and the Buddies with memberships get 10,000 coins each! Yeah! All the memberships and coins will be given out by tomorrow morning (Tuesday, May 4th) ok?

Cool Cool! Great job everyone!



EcoBuddies Agents to the Rescue!

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Buddies! We need your help ASAP! There has been a huge oil spill in the Atlantic Ocean by New Orleans and Pesto is wondering if anyone has any ideas about how EcoBuddies can help the animals and fish by the spill.

Please post your comments and let us know ok?