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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Scavenger Hunt!!!!

Posted by Pesto The So So Magician at 7:43 PM
My best Buddy the Halloween Howler really enjoyed meeting you all tonight. He told me that you were so wonderful and filled with the spirit of Halloween that he insisted that I hold another contest for you.

So here is the deal Buddies!!! Tonight I am starting a scavenger hunt. You know, where I give you a list of things to find in the world of EcoBuddies and then you can email the moderator and let her know your answers. If you are the FIRST person to email me with all of the correct answers then... well... oh my goodness... you will have the coolest prize in the world. In fact, you get a certain mountain in EcoBuddies named after you. Rumor is that Mammoth Mountain will be re-named and given the name of the winner's Buddy. Goodness Gracious!!!! That means if your Buddy's name is TeddyBear, then the mountain will be called "Teddy Bear Mountain". Even the name on the map will be changed!!!

Anyhow, here is the list for the scavenger hunt. All you have to do is email the moderator and let her know where you can find these things in EcoBuddies:

1. Hot chocolate
2. Scuba suit
3. Buddy asleep at the wheel
4. Seven red mushrooms
5. Jukebox
6. Soccer ball
7. Hang-glider
8. Water wheel
9. Dancing plants
10. A picture of a witch

So, you need to let us know the answers by October 31st at 4pm okay? And if you meet my friend the Halloween Howler on the roof at the Haunted House at 4:30pm on Friday, October 31st he will tell you who the winner is.

And again, you need to email the moderator the answers. The moderator button is the button with the two linked hands by the chatbar.

Got that Buddies?

Have fun!!!!