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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Poems from Bunny

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 1:50 PM
A poem from bunny:

Shiny hamsters sneaky and smart shining in the light right beside me,when we are playing we aint saying,We must be dancing through the groove.

A second poem from bunny:

Hamsters everywhere,hiding here hiding there,different personalities! different stuff!sometimes taking care of is tough,if you have a hamster big or small,just remember there's a surprise in all!

A third poem from bunny:

A hamster is winning checkers by one,it feels like the game has just begun.there is so much pressure in my head,That hamster seem played worst,another hamster just came in and help me win again!

A fourth poem from bunny:

Hamsters singing cheerful songs,Hamsters play their golden gongs.Hamsters munch a chewy gum,A musician plays their shining drum,Eco buddies is a wonderful place,Just look at the hamsters happy face!

A last poem from bunny:

A hamster with such small feet keeping my house nice and neat,warm little house for all my friends,Hamsters are cute and furry,Take care of your hamster good,Giving them love like you should!

I really love these poems from bunny! Really great work!



Anonymous said...

well i cant beleev that ther wasnt any comments about pomes by bunny well i think that bunny shud win a prize for the most pomes i think she made twenty or more and thats a lot.