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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mr Nussbaum's Find it Fast contest!!!!

Posted by Pesto The So So Magician at 3:59 PM
EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it! There is an amazing contest where winners will win free two month memberships if they answer this skill testing question!

"What new world will Mr. Hooper's tunnel go to?"

The answer is posted somewhere on's website. Click the link below to look for the answer:

Once you have found the answer email the EcoBuddies moderator and let us know what the answer is to this question AS WELL AS what page on MrNussbaum's site you found the answer on.

I will give you a hint (don't tell Mr. Hooper though): In social studies you will learn about these Swashbucklers. Yaaar!

Have you all ever checked out It is full of games and fun. I personally really like that I can find super cool games like Animal Idol and Insect Generator on this site. Also, many of you might not know this but I am attending the magician's school of arts and have TONS of homework every night. MrNussbaum's site really helps me to get the information I need to answer my math, social studies, scince, and language arts homework questions!! Thanks!