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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Posted by Pesto and Violet at 4:49 PM
(Hilarious Buddy wearing clothes!)

Okay you all! It is time for my summer drawing contest!

How do you join? Just draw your favorite animal, put your EcoBuddies username on the picture and send it in to:

Pesto at EcoBuddies 103-8430 Jellicoe Street Vancouver, BC V5S 4S7

or email it if you know how to scan your drawing to

The winners will have their drawings posted on this blog (did you know hundreds of people read this blog everyday?), as well as our Go Green with EcoBuddies Blog- WOW! You will also win coins if your picture is posted- WOWOWOWOWOW!

Hey, have you checked out the new clothes yet? I just saw a hamster with a mohawk wearing a superhero outfit named Bluebell. What a hilarious Buddy! See the picture above that she sent in.

Shazam! Pesto


Question on August 12, 2009 at 7:16 PM said...

I might enter this contest ^-^

And i cant believe one of my best friends got a pic of themselves on here! :D
Awesome outfit bluebell X333

Anonymous said...

bluebells u r very funy. yur hare is funy. i think u shud get that hare for reel and go to skool like thatand c wat the teecher ses bout that gues who this is. by

silver stream said...

i think this'll b fun =D
ima try and enter the drawing of ur fave animal contest ^ u ^
[heres a lil hint: :3 , thats all i say for now]

silver stream said...

o and nice picture Bluebell ^v^
like the hair

Anonymous said...

this is bluebell- ahahahaha! thanx pesto for posting this pic. i will b drawing a pictur very soon for u,kk. i herd ccz was sick and now i am woried. ccz r u sick? r u ok?

Anonymous said...

i heard ccz's in the hospital