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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Book is Here!

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 7:12 PM

image of I Can Help The Earth

Check out this amazing book that YOU all made to help the oil spill relief along the Gulf Cost! Yeah! All profits from the book will go to organizations helping out with the oil spill.
We will be writing next week to tell you where and how the profits will be used for the book!
The print book on Lulu is $35.00 and when we get our ISBN the book will be on Amazon too for the same price.
ALSO, we will have an ebook that will cheaper to buy next week on Lulu too!
Amazing work everyone!
You all rock!


Piggers on August 4, 2010 at 7:54 PM said...

HI piggers here I cant get the book my mom said mabey the e book im so sad its not the same without the regular book its a 1$ per page my mom said oh well thankyou for using my picuture :( at least its helping the oil spill

nibbles said...

sorry kelie i didnt no u were kellie34 i havent seen u in a while i missed u

Anonymous said...

well i cant get that book bymyself sooo my ferend an me r giong to git it to gether an shar it cos than it dosent take somutch mony my ferend dosent hav a compuder but itold her bout that book she liks to reed all thetime by frum eraser ani votd for-itsa secrat lol

Rhin11 said...

The adds appear when im a member...