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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dating on EcoBuddies!

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 11:21 AM
Hi Buddy!

EcoBuddies is a community that consists of players of all different ages. We feel that the dating situation is getting out of hand and the younger players are feeling uncomfortable so we are going to be implementing tighter word filters. Please always use respectful language and understand that there are young players in EcoBuddies. Lets make EcoBuddies the best place for everyone.



Anonymous said...

I think people should be free for what they want to do.If someone likes someone else they cant help it.But it shouldn't get out of hand.

trent kalichak said...

People should "date" if they really want to. I also agree they should not let it get out of hand.If they really have feelings for someone else they could "date" if they really want to.

Felipe said...

Hey if someone wants to date on Eco Buddies they should do it i mean seriously i want a girl to ask me out man!

Felipe said...

Also I want u to post a comment like i am right now ok ok Thank you and have a nice evening

Christina on March 19, 2009 at 1:27 PM said...

I think that is a smart way to deal with this. I know that younger players are on because my friend's cousin is 4 and she goes on this. People should not use words that require getting out of hand.

LolaB said...

I truly think that there should be a place where people
who are above age ten can go and talk.
you know talk about dating and more mature topics but still have the same boundaries as for example
suppose i say crap i would get a police note.
But we can still say like do u wanna be my boyfriend or do you wanna be my girl friend you know that stuff.
Please take this thought into consideration,

P.S. Alright Trent! U tell them that we can do this!
srry i got kinda carried away. keep up the good work.

trent kalichak said...

I have one true love...I think people can date on ecobuddies.

Anonymous said...

I completly agree with what LolaB said . people over the age of ten should go and talk because you can't say "Come on guys " , it couts as bad langue but is it ,no , it is not nore should it and who care if you like some one . If you like some one tell them and go out with them if you want becuase that is realy personal.

Anonymous said...

warriors rule

Anonymous said...

well i think that i forgot what i was gonna say sorry by pan dowdy see you on ecobudys tomorrow

Anonymous said...

well what i would like to no is how can you tell if somones cute wen we all basicelly look the same would somone tell me that plees?

upatnight "jelly bean team" said...

hi please spread the word about the jelly bean team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!