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Monday, March 16, 2009

Postcards from EcoBuddies!!!!!!

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 1:10 PM

Hey Buddy!

We are excited to announce the newest addition to the EcoBuddies world, really cool postcards!!!!! Send them to your friends and let them know that they are cool! Just click on a friend from your buddy list and then click the "send mail" button. It's that simple:)



trent kalichak said...

Ahh i said 'it warming up' and the police man popped up...WHAT! i dont get this i know how that could be bad but that is just plain weird i meant that as in spring! i really, really like girls on here sooo let me and more boys and girls go out like make a special room for 10 and up!

Anonymous said...

well i think that if you like all the girls on here there won't be a room big enough to hold them all . anyway that's what i think if anybodys intrested.

Anonymous said...

this is me agen. i meen if you hav ten girlfrends or more you wood need a big room. thats all i haf to sat about this.

i will not say my name on eco-buddies or in real life but i do go on eco-buddies and i am a member said...

i agree sorta about wat trent said
i think there should b a place for ten and up to go..... it wouldnt b a place to make out or anything it would just b a place to go and hang out with your buddys,or friends or maybe if u do like someone yall can go to that place/room and talk to each other and stuff. so i pretty much agreaa with trent and i'd say a few of my friends would agree to so it would b a good idea to at least think about it orif u were to actually make this room/place it would b fun cuz u could hang out w/ freinds or girlfriends/boyfriends and i would agree it should b ten and up so no one under the age of ten could go there becuz there would b to young to realy understand ya know?so u should atleast consider the thught of it pesto