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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

EcoBuddies Interview with Queen Caramel122 and Queen PennyMarie!

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 4:35 PM

Jubejube was very pleased to interview Queen Caramel and Queen PennyMarie today! Many Buddies participated in the event and we found out really cool stuff about many Buddies. For example, LAX likes all kids shows on TV and KINGBOO went to Disney World! WOW! Here is the interview with Queen Molly and Queen PennyMarie!

Jubejube: What is your favorite color?
Caramel: Sky Blue
Penny: Purple

Jubejube: What is your favorite music?
Caramel: Pop
Penny: (Did not get an answer)

Jubejube: What are your favorite animals?
Caramel: All animals
Penny: dog, pig, butterfly, and walrus

Jubejube: If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?
Caramel: Invisibility and to go through walls
Penny: Invisibility and to read minds

Jubejube: What is your favorite sport and what was your happiest moment?
Caramel: Swimming. I am on a swim team. And my happiest moment was getting my kitten.
Penny: My favorite sport is bowling and my favorite moment was getting my cute doggy.

Thanks so much for the interview wonderful Queens! Stay tuned for Queen Piggers and King Dan Dan Dan Dan's interviews this week!