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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Interview with Queen Piggers!

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 6:19 PM

Today we had an interview with the amazing Queen Piggers! She is so nice and helpful to Buddies whether they new or veteran players! Be sure to give Piggers a huge high five for being an awesome Queen when you see her!

Here is her interview with Pesto!

Pesto: What is your favorite color?
Piggers: Lime green!

Pesto: What is your favorite show?
Piggers: Drake and Josh

Pesto: What is your favorite movie?
Piggers: Twilight

Pesto: What is your favorite song?
Piggers: Replay and Tick Tock!

Pesto: What is your favorite food?
Piggers: Fried pickles!

Pesto: Yummy! And if you were Queen in real life what would you do?
Piggers: I would help Haiti and everyone else that needed my help and I would help the earth!

Pesto: That is amazing! Thanks so much Piggers!




silver stream {mudstar110938silver on youtube though!!!!!] said...

lol my fave color is green and blue
one of my fave shows are drake and josh
one of my fave movies is twilight
a few of my fave songs are tick tock
and my fave food is fried pickles from captain d's
lol u do sound nice and cool :)
and sorry for my friends who read this cuz i know its been a while since ive been on and i know alot of ppl miss me but im not gonna be on for a while because of all-county honor band {WHICH I MADE 8TH CHAIR ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!} and school work so sorry if u may heve missed me being on so byes for a while!!!!!if u wanna c me or chat or something try my youtube account cuz im usually on there!!!!

Anonymous said...

i wondered wher you were silver! this is apple here. im glad you are still doin band cuz it sounds cool. when u come on some times we will CHEEER for you, k?

silver stream [Mudstar110938silver on youtube] said...

k thnx alot. well i get on usually late or around seven then at 9 i gtg to my grandmaw's housse because my mom work 3 shift job and every two weekend i gtg to my dads house and as far as i know i wont have any honor band for a while because friday i had to miss a half a day of school to go so i left at 12 and came home at 9 pm and had a concert sat and got a medal!its a whole lot of fun but my lips were so sore friday when i got home they started bleeding XCbut its a good opertunity to meet new people from different schools and ill try and keep in touch with all my friends from eco buddies and other sites!!!and again if im not on her im most likely on youtube and my channle is
Mudstar110938silver[plz watch rate comment my channle and videos!!!=3]and if im not on there then im probly at someones house or outside or somthing and ill thry and come on more often. i get off the buss at 2;31 so i might be on around 4;00 so keep and eye out cuz who knows when ima be on!!!and thnx apple!!!!and also any word from jupiter or kyle?if so let me know!!!!ive really been needing to talk to them or ccz or dragon or dra kk?
~silver stream~

Anonymous said...

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