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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Want to Help Louisiana and be published in an EcoBuddies BOOK?

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 4:02 PM

OK friends and Buddies!

We can all make a HUGE difference and help the animals and people in Louisiana by raising money to help them! And the way we will do this is....


So grab your pencils, pens, paint... whatever you have. Create either a story or poem about HOW YOU HELP THE EARTH and then send it to EcoBuddies!

The winning poems and stories will be made into an AMAZING book and, yup, we will try to get a famous person to sign it ok?

We will sell the book online on EcoBuddies as an ebook and print book and all profits will go to the National Wildlife Federation which is helping in the oil clean up!

So get drawing and writing ok?

Please mail your poems and drawings to:

103-8430 Jellicoe Street
Vancouver, BC
V5S 4S7

If you have a poem you can email it to Ferma at! Please also get your mom and dad to write a short note with their signature that says we can use your picture or poem if it is chosen to be in the book! Coolio!

Remember you CAN make a difference! And, oh! The people whose poems and drawings we publish will get their VERY own book once it is published AND some other goodies. 


PESTO and his friend Ferma


Comba womba and the Jellybean Team on June 1, 2010 at 5:11 PM said...

That's a great idea!

Anonymous said...

That is a great idea i want to help and be in it please?.-LAX1111

Piggers on June 2, 2010 at 2:08 PM said...

Thankyou for using my famous person idea

Ps. It sounds awsome i so wanna help

Bling-bling said...

Pesto! I had a great idea! well me and my friends, you should get JEFF KINNEY to sighn the book!!!
you know, the guy who made diary of a wimpy kid!

Bling-bling said...

Jamiel i know it was you, you were saying all the things you usually say... and you knew me.....and you have gotten banned b4! you know i'm not going to be a preist or anything, but its kinda like the boy who cried wolf ya know? maybe if you didnt get banned alot already they would believe you.

Anonymous said...

ya jamiel im agreeing w/ bling bling
-peace rocks- penny out!!