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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Posted by Pesto and Violet at 3:34 PM

What an amazing King and Queen party we had on Friday at 5pm Pacific Standard Time! There were games, speeches, coins and SO MUCH MORE! Below are King Comba Womba and Queen Julia1's interviews. King Cowma did not know that there was a party so will have his interview and party with the New King and Queen this week- YEAH!

Ok, here is the interview:

Professor Walrus: What are your favorite colors?
Julia1: Light blue
Comba Womba: Red

Professor Walrus: What would you like for your birthdays?
Julia1: Cell phone, a wii, clothes from Hollister
Comba Womba: A wishing rock. Then I would get more gifts. lol.

Professor Walrus: Great answers! What would you do if you were King or Queen in real life?
Julia1: Help people in Haiti and make a law where people cannot cheat on their spouses.
Comba Womba: Help people in Haiti and finally beat the terrorists.

Professor Walrus: What would you be if you were a superhero?
Julia1: I would fly and read peoples minds.
Comba Womba: Walk through stuff, fly, and have super strength!

Professor Walrus: What two new costumes would you like to have in EcoBuddies?
Julia1: A Smiley Face, Elvis Suit, and Michael Jackson
Comba Womba: A jellybean!

Professor Walrus: What is your favorite animal?
Julia1: Deer
Comba Womba: Turtle!

Thanks so much for these amazing interviews you both!

Also, if you would like to be King or Queen for a whole week in EcoBuddies just send the moderators an email letting them know and sign up to be a paying member, as Kings and Queens are only members of EcoBuddies. If you are King or Queen you will get: 10,000 coins, an interview and picture posted on our blog with Professor Walrus, and ALSO a party held just for YOU! WOW!

Over and Out,

Professor Walrus