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Monday, January 11, 2010


Posted by Pesto and Violet at 4:32 PM

Hi All!

This is an announcement that Cowma and Julia are King and Queen! They will each receive an interview from Professor Walrus and an amazing party on Saturday, Jan. 16 at 11am PST, 1PM central time, and 2pm eastern standard time! YAYAY! Comba Womba will also be celebrated at this party as the first King of EcoBuddies! Yeah!

When you see Cowma, Julia1, or Comba Womba be sure to say "Long Live the King and Queen!".

Shazam, Pesto


Anonymous said...

Hey PESTO, Professor Walrus, Violet, and every ecobuddies out there! lol! I was just wondering who is the new king and queen on ecobuddies? And where is there gonna be another awesome party? Well gtg bye!

Anonymous said...

i just read yor coment before me and there is a mesage sayin that since julia and cowma missed some stuff they get to be king and queen again and since comba missed his party they will all get a party together on satrday (just in case u didnt see the mesage about that) this is apple again.