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Monday, January 11, 2010

Interview with King Champ!

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 4:37 PM

Here is our amazing interview with King Champ! He is one of the nicest EcoBuddies out there and has been nominated in many contests as the Kindest Buddy ever. Champ can usually be found saying "hiya" and hanging out with his good friends on EcoBuddies. He is definitely a super cool Buddy and has very good fashion sense- he always has cool clothes for his Buddy like the viking hat above. When Professor Walrus saw him wearing it, Professor insisted on buying one for himself. Yay Champ!

Professor Walrus: What is your favorite color?
Champ: Green
Professor Walrus: What is your favorite animal?
Champ: Panther
Professor Walrus: What is your favorite bad guy on ecobuddies?
Champ: Burglar cause i like he's disguises
Professor Walrus: What is your favorite game?
Champ: Jetpack and Catgory
Professor Walrus: Why do you think aliens are coming?
Champ: All you can eat pancakes
Professor Walrus: LOL! What is your favorite food?
Champ: Just like santa cheeseburgers lol
Professor Walrus: What would you do if you were king in real life?
Champ: I would try to make everybody happy
Professor Walrus: What is your favorite thing in the whole world?
Champ: Animals!




Anonymous said...

yayaya king champ YOU WER AWSOME KING OF ECOBUDS and a best budy on here becuzz you never yell at ppl and also u never sware!!! (and i like yor blog to) from yor friend apple

Ancient said...

Hey Ancient here i have deleted my blog But...... Soon i will go back to wordpress (Maybe)or i might stop blogging Pesto you can maybe make a poll weather i should stop blogging thats all


Ancient said...

Also i am not going back to blogger but if i do go back on Wordpress i will post a lot

Anonymous said...

i hope you stay posting ancient i relly liked your blog and was waiting for u to come back after christmas time. from spider

Anonymous said...

yaaaaay champster kingster champster liked yuor enterveiw it was koooooool yuor bud on eco b--this is figger it out --(anp owdyd)--bet u cant figger it out!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...