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Friday, January 29, 2010


Posted by Pesto and Violet at 6:36 PM
The amazing Rhin1 and Pennymarie99! Yeah! Also, Upatnight is King because I got confused and said that our last King/Queen Party was for Rhin1- I got confused. Soooo, King Upatnight, King Rhin1 and Queen Pennymarie99 you are all King and Queens this week! YAYAY!

As your prize you will get:

10,000 coins each
Interviews with Pesto and Professor Walrus
The Interview and a picture of you posted on our blog
A party for you! The date and time will be Monday, Feb. 1 4pm Pacific Standard Time (this is 6pm central time and 7pm eastern standard time)

If you want to be King or Queen you must be a paying member of EcoBuddies and then comment and let me know that you want to be on our Royal List! Yeah!

Next King and Queen areeeee Queen Piggers and King Dan Dan Dan!

Shazam, Pesto!


cowmas blog.ENJOY UR FOOD! on January 30, 2010 at 6:54 AM said...

um actually ecobuddies u made a mistake its dan dan dan dan.

Anonymous said...

At the party today there was a special guest and his name is... blarg!!! We all helped to make him be nice and know that BURGLAR is the bad guy and not us. Stay Tuned for more info about the aliens.

Anonymous said...

comba womba ,king of 169 n me piggers have a plan well actually four plans to make the aliens leave plan one: turn the ship into a gian panckae we will need a ray gun pesto lol. plan two: fill the ship with pancakes
plan three; we all dress up like panckes n make them sick of panckes
plan four: have pesto stop making awsome panckes plz help all like porkchop ,eggo, panckae money ,pancake n al other food names lol including me piggers (BACON)

Anonymous said...

AAAHHH!!!! Sumthin wierd hapnd wen porkchop and me spider (im spider) were in the labrtory room and thos alien guys Zorg and Blarg wer in there to! and porky and me saw them readin the paper mesage thng and talkin in funy words and wethnk they wer gettin a mesage from ther planet
on the paper mesag thing. then porky got scared and we ran becuz porky is food and didnt want them to eat him.

Anonymous said...

i no - - that rely hapend and i got scart and ran way far a way. im porkychop and im food. iwant spider to bite thos giuys but spider is to afrade ofthem ---- rnt u spider?

Anonymous said...

IM NOT AFRADE nonononono I will turn myself into black wido spider and bite them good!!!!!!!Watch out ALeins Spider to the rescu.lololol