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Friday, October 16, 2009


Posted by Pesto The So So Magician at 4:12 PM

Quick note: BURGLAR juzt stole a green car- it iz the faztezt car in EcoBuddiez... vat iz he up to?? He alzo stole a walrus costume.... HMMMMMM. Look at the picture above... he waz saying he dares uz to catch him. Oh nooooo! Alzo in the other coztume he is dressed az Constable McGuff with googly eyez!

Later on, he zaid zumthing about only Zida and Zelda scaring him... he zaid he is scared of their loud voices and tiny bat wingz. Hmmmm. Maybe if we dress in bat coztumes we will scare him into leaving EcoBuddiez? Letz try thiz weekend!