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Saturday, October 10, 2009


Posted by Pesto and Violet at 1:05 PM

WOWZ! I hadz zooo much fun with you todayz and zo did DJ HAMTA whoze by the way one of my bezt frendz in za world. He iz helpingz me learnz how to beez a good Buddy. Thankz youz DJ HAMTA.

Zo, I gavez out many coinz and zalso a membership to furrs for figuring outz my riddle. Congratulationz furrs.

Zo, Zelda and Zida willz be handing out coinz today for anyone who wearz a witch or wizard coztume. Zey will give 200 coinz to Buddiez who wearz theze cotumes.

Alzo, remember anyone whoze getz a six month membership today alzo gets 5000 coinz deposited into their account, az well az an additional 2000 coinz if they are in zah first 20 people to getz zee membership! Make sure to put your email on the payment form zo EcoBuddies can email you about how to collect your coinz!


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silver stream said...

pesto, as u know i got my membership 2 days ago... and all my furniture is gone!!!it keeps dissapearing!!!!idk where it is and i spent alot of time into geting all the coins to buy them with so wats the point of being a member if i cant keep any of my stuff?im missing a bad, greennightstand,purpletable,blue couch,green rug, purle/pink flower,green grassy rug,a grey stool, and a purple cushion. all i have left is a mushroom, stool, and a sun flower... idk wat to do!!!plz help me!!this same thimg happpened with my last membership thats part of the reason why my mom canceled it... can u do anything about it?? the last time this happened was around april and i lost over 105000 coins and i remember this becouse i spent so much time to count out everythings price that i wanted inclueding a house and i think it might of been more than that. i know this had happened to more members than just me because my friend fuzzbally was also missing furnature once and now im not sure wat to do and if u can do anything for me plz plz plz plllleeeeaaassseeeeee do!!!!!!!!

~silver stream~

Nachoz Rule said...

i lost furniture too ~Nachoz Rule~

fuzzbally on October 11, 2009 at 9:17 AM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nachoz Rule said...

im gonna change my prize to 10'000 coins prize because i can't scan my drawing or post it to ecobuddies