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Friday, October 2, 2009


Posted by Pesto and Violet at 2:37 PM

Helloz Youz Buddiez,


Now yez, I know. I keepz you in the suspenzes becuz youz are like wherez iz thiz haunted houze? Well, it iz coming Buddiez. Todayz it will be here. The EcoBuddiez team told me yezturday huge problemz becuz Zelda and Zida atez all the computerz in their officez. Zey were zo mad.

Zee, Zelda and Zida werez on a walkz with BURGLAR and zen BURGLAR told me zey just flew in EcoBuddiez office and atez the computerz. He could not stopz zem zo zeh computerz are all gone. I thought that vas a little veird- I have neverz zeen them eat computerz butz BURGLAR told me zey lovez to eat the computerz. "How elze would zey disappear from zeh poor EcoBuddiez team?" He sayz.



Halloween Howler