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Friday, January 15, 2010


Posted by Pesto and Violet at 5:58 PM
Hi Buddies!

Dress as your favorite type of fruit and come PARTY on EcoBuddies at 11 am Pacific Standard TIme, 1pm Central Time and 2pm Eastern Standard Time! YEAH!

We will meet in the winding woods. Coins and MORE will be given out!!!! There will also be a costume contest!

See you then!




Anonymous said...

Hi! Um... is it true that if you are on safe chat that u can't see what other people are saying? Because there was someone -which I'm not going to you who that said that.- And i was on safe chat around the time that my chat box disappears and I can see what other people are saying. Well if you reply thanks. And that well prove that I wasn't lying about me on safe chat and I could see what other people were saying.

Anonymous said...

i can talk on safe chat to but i am not signed for safe chat only .i thnk everyone can use safe chat words but if parents sign ther kids to safe chat only u cant see other pples talk at least thats wat i always thnk and if i see sombudy talkin with the safe chat words i try to talk back to them that way so they hav someone to talk to. if im wrong can sumbudy tell me? this is apple