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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Posted by Pesto and Violet at 1:34 PM
This is eggo2 and this is my story.   One day in ecobud land eggo said I'M GONNA HAVE A PICNIC WITH MY FREINDS BY THE FALLS YAYA, so eggo made a bunch of eggos cuz it her favrite food and she put them by the blanket and then ran to tell her freinds to come SO they all ran back to falls and there was NO EGGOS THERE  OMG WAT HAPPND? Kingboo was in his nest lookin after litle eagles. Everone said KINGBOO did BURGLAR come and take our eggos?  Kingboo said a bunch of ants came out of blanket and he cud not stop them!  THEN eggo and all her freinds said OMG LOOK cuz giant ants ran down that tree lookin really scary RUN FOR THE SECRET CAVES we yelled so we all ran in caves and were safe but Kingboo kept lookin after his nest becuz he is very brave but we are NEVER coming out of the caves. the end  HELP