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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Please Do Our Amazing Survey yay!

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 3:25 PM

Yay! Let us know what you think about EcoBuddies by taking our new survey! Click here to go there now!


Shazam, Pesto


Bling-bling said...

Pesto! I got my membership!!!
oh, and can i be king??

Anonymous said...

yay penny u r the best storyteler i think -frum eraser------- but u shud tell jam to get bak heer so wecan run an flip inthe windy wood---k?
jam si very funy an u shod b frends rite? not datin g frends jest frens------------rite?

Anonymous said...

idk jam if mean to me ALL THE TIME so idk he is not going to be in my story though cause he does not deserve to be in my story cause he is mean to me all the time and i'm sick of it so idk eraser but your a great friend u should write a story to cause im pretty sure your a good story writer to my parents say i might be a author but idk if i will

Anonymous said...

hi penny itsme agen lol--i tinkh u shud rite storys wen u get big cos u r a gooood riter----and tell jam not tobe meen--i will tell him k? he is very funy an he mite not bmeen enymor ----mayb peepl will maek movys from yur storys that wood b so cool rite? i like riting leters oon this belog

Anonymous said...

thanks idk what im going to do when i get bigger but my story is 3 parts im typeing my 2nd part of my story and i will be on eb tomorrow at 7:00 est and be on kk?
-peacerocks- penny out!

Anonymous said...

I can't get into the Field! :O I tried many times to get in but it won't let me :( I did clear my cache twice but it still won't work. ~bubbles125

Anonymous said...

o i fergot wer r u jam??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

Thnx nibbles. Today I went on and it works now! yay! :) ~bubbles125 :)

Anonymous said...

it is taking long for eb to load please fix it
-peacerocks- penny out!