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Friday, May 7, 2010

Here is an awesome story from Piggers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 5:07 PM
Once upon a time there was a magican named pesto and everywhere pesto went jumbles bugged pesto, "Can you teach me your magic tricks" said jumbles " Im sorry jumbles" said pesto "I cant tell you otherwise it wont be a trick anymore". "Oh said jumbles" So Jumbles went to piggers
and asked "Hi piggers" "Hi "I said "Do you no any magic tricks???: I'M sorry Jumbles i said
but I will tell you a secret. "What asked jumbles" Burglar and Burglarette are going to trash the dance athon next Saturday. I said "Oh no said jumbles" But i have a plan to stop them. we will cover there house in sticky syrup so they cant get out. Good Idea said Jumbles . BUt that night Burglar walked into JUmbles shop and asked what we has spoke of that night. BUrglar knew that moment jumbles would tell me whole plan . Jumbles started telling him about what had happened , then he began to tell about the secret when all the sudden Pesto came into the shop and used his magic spell to protect eco buddies from evil !!!!!!!!!!! Pestosa magic spell wouldnt let burgalr or burgalrette into the dance. Piggers won and won the gold medal. Pop 34 and 43 won silver and pennymarie and jamiel won bronze. The dance athon was fun and no matter what mdals we got it would always be a night to remember

The end

Moral of this story/lesson) Never tell a secret that is not ment to be
told because someone could get mad , it might hurt there feelings or