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Thursday, May 6, 2010


Posted by Pesto and Violet at 5:07 PM


It was not so long ago when Burglette was born. When I visited the hospital on that fateful day I snuck into Burglette's room only to find a tiny fuzzy baby peeking out of a soft pink blanket with her mother sleeping quietly beside her. The moment was so relaxed and so... normal... that I almost reached over and patted the tiny baby's head. Gasp!

I know, dear reader, you are laughing at me, thinking how could he be so dumbfoundedly stupid? Only an hour before a poor doctor had lost three fingers, his bow-tie, one sock (note: not his shoe, which remained on his foot throughout his entire encounter with the child), and a chicken nugget he had neatly tucked into his pocket for a late afternoon snack.

Needless to say, before entering the room I had glued my socks firmly to my legs and reminded myself to keep my hands in my pockets as much as possible. I also had written five letters to the people closest to me in case I did not return from my visit to the hospital.

I walked quickly to the child's bedside, opened the bag I had been carrying, and removed two oven mitts, one doll, one baby bottle, one blanket and placed them on a table beside me. Burglette looked up at me and cooed.

"Can I do this?", I whispered to myself, "How can I steal this baby? How will I survive?"