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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Burglar's Dad's Story!

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 11:27 AM
Once upon a time it was a rainy day and a happy family and they had to get rushed to the hospital because they where having a baby and so the mom had the baby and the dad was very happy for becoming a parent of a little baby girl.But then everyone was sleeping but the baby wasn't and she fell out of the bed and crawled over to these steps and she crawled up onto them and then she stood up a little bit over this pot and then she fell into the pot and then the father woke up and saw a sign that said witches hospital and then the dad tried to help the baby out of the pot and there was potion in the pot but then he fell into the pot too! Then the mother woke up and tried to help but she fell in too! Then the little boy but then he fell into the pot too........But they where all fine when they came out but the only thing that messed them up was the potion but then they all noticed it was the EVIL potion and that same following day they all turned EVIL!!!! They all came out of the pot as BURGLETTE ( little baby) BURGLAR (little boy) BURGARDAD (Dad) BURGLETTEMOM (Mom) !!!!



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