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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Posted by Pesto and Violet at 1:49 PM
This is bubbles125's story... hope you like it! :)

     It was late at night, everyone in EcoBuddies were sound asleep, well… almost everyone everyone except BURGLAR. “MUH HA HA HA!” said BURGLAR. “I’m going to take over EcoBuddies and no one can stop me! But what should I do? Hmm…” Then suddenly an idea came into his mind. “Ah ha! I know what to do now… I’m going to control everyone in EcoBuddies by building a mind controlling device! MUH HA HA HA! Brilliant! Brilliant!” crackled BURGLAR.

     So the next few days BURGLAR went to his secret hiding spot and built his mind controlling device. It took him many tries to get his mind controlling device to work. Until finally… “I’m done! I successfully built a mind controlling device! YES!” shouted BURGLAR. “Now... what should I test it on or who should I test it on?” thought BURGLAR. Suddenly there was a sudden shout “Presto!” said PESTO while he’s practicing his magic trick near BURGLAR’s hiding spot. “I know! I will test my mind controlling device on PESTO!” So BURGLAR went outside and hid behind a tree. PESTO was on his way to attend to a party for all the buddies until suddenly… BURGLAR pointed his device at PESTO and clicked the red button. “Click!” Then suddenly PESTO just stood there without moving. “Hmm… did it work?” said BURGLAR. So then BURGLAR decided to give PESTO a command to see if it worked. “PESTO, give me your wand!” said BURGULAR. “Yes BURGLAR.” replied PESTO as he handed his wand to BURGLAR. “YES! It works!” said BURGLAR. “Now I will be able to control all the buddies and take over EcoBuddies once and for all!” crackled BURGLAR.

     At the party, all the buddies were having fun. Then PESTO appeared and said “Hi buddies!” in a robotic kind of voice. Everyone yelled “Hi! PESTO!” No one knew that PESTO was under BURGLAR’s control. “From now on, BURGLAR will be the ruler of EcoBuddies.” said PESTO. “WHAT!?!?” said everyone in confusion. Then BURGLAR appeared and said, “MUH HA HA! That’s right! I’ll be taking over EcoBuddies and no one can stop me!” “We’ll never let you take over Ecobuddies!” cried one the buddy. “Oh really? PESTO is under my control and soon all of you will join him.” said BURGLAR. “Ahh!” shouted everyone as they tried to run away. “Not so fast! PRESTO!” shouted BURGLAR with a flick of the wand and puts a barrier around Winding Woods making sure all the buddies can’t escape. “It’s no use to run away! I will control every single one of you to do my bidding!” said BURGLAR as he pointed his device at everyone and clicked the red button. “Click!” everyone froze and BURGLAR crackled “MUH HA HA! Yes! Finally! I am the ruler of all EcoBuddies!” BURGLAR commanded everyone what to do. Then suddenly it started to rain really hard. The device got wet and exploded and everyone was released from the mind control. “Nooooooooo!” cried BURGLAR. “Let’s go catch BURGLAR!” shouted one of the buddies. “Yeah! Let’s go get BURGLAR!” said another buddy. So everyone started to catch BURGLAR. But then, “Poof!” he was gone and the wand was left on the ground where he disappeared. “He’s gone! Where did he go?” shouted a buddy. “Oh well, we will get him next time.” said PESTO. “Good job buddies we chased BURGLAR away and saved EcoBuddies! And now we will continue our party! And celebrate our victory!” So all the buddies had a great time and won lots of coins. But then there was a sudden howling sound “HOWL!” Who could that be?
  The End… or is it? Hhhoooowwwllll!”