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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spider 880s Story! Part 1

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 11:21 AM

As a boy, Viper always attended his school, the EcoBuddies Education Center, or the EBEC. Viper loved school, and loved mysteries and reading about mysteries as well. It's been rumored Viper never missed a single day at school, but let's get on to the story now. A few years after Viper started school, 2 new students come to their school. Their names were Burgler and Burglette. Burglar was the same age as Viper, however Burglette was a couple years younger than them both. After a week or so at school Burgler began to look around. He was looking for a "sofite" to bully. He soon picked Viper as his target. Burglar began to bully Viper, and did many mean things to him. The worst thing Burglar ever did to viper was drop peanuts down Viper's shirt. Burglar would pick on Viper, and sometimes Burglette would join in. Viper never told the teachers or anyone else about this, because he thought he'd be embarassed. Burglar and Burglette kept teasing Viper for the rest of their time at school. They all graduated, and Viper then became the sidekick of an old but very famous detective, Dr. Zorkenheimer. Viper began solving mysteries with the Doctor, and soon Dr. Zorkenheimer allowed Viper to do some mysteries all by himself. Viper then solved more mysteries than Zorkenheimer. Zorkenheimer was pleased with Viper, and he soon retired, making Viper Head Detective. Then one day...