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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

JcSiiNgA's Saga Part 3: Dedicated to Totally Awesome!

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 11:29 AM

This is for totallyawesome: GO TOTALLY AWESOME!

So, once BURGLAR and THE MINION stole the diamond, they saw a flashing light! The light showed them to a better island, called FANTAGE! but they didnt have enough power to go there, so they had to stay in EcoBuddies! So with the diamond, they both MADE a spell to POLLUTE EcoBuddies! That was a horrible thing. Ten days later, I made an account and named it JcSiiNgA, I went on and said "Ohh man, this place is really polluted!" So then I saw, BURGLAR, he saw me cleaning up. He said "WHAT are you DOING!" I said "ohh im just cleaning to help the enviroment" BURGLAR THEN STARTED TO cry? I dont know why? But then he said " You.... you are the chosen ONE!" I said "me, im just scsingas bid brother?" AND he said" I know but you have been chosen by PESTO" And i said "who is PESTO" He said "the Almighty one of EcoBuddies" I said "cool, when do i meet him" He said "the time will come when i rule the island, then your chance will come!" and i said "cool" Then, i went on. Walked and the I saw.......... PESTO! He said your time is worthy here! You have been chosen by ME to lead ALL of EcoBuddies, I was like "awesome"

The year is now 2022, and me, JcSiiNgA, have been ruling EcoBuddies, we have a succesful island and BURGLAR and THE MINION no longer are here.


Nibbles9 said...

my computer wont let me go into the woods idk y but it wont let me and sometimes i cant even get on ecobuddies!

Anonymous said...

wen i have troubles nibbles i clear my history thing in my tool thing and then im ok.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone. Pennymarie is awesome car fixer. She checkd my red car engin and told me i needed new oil so we went to the car store and she put new oil in it and then i was much faster. YAYAYA Pennymarie! she is so inteligente!

Anonymous said...

woops i forgot to say thanx penny for doin that! from apple lol

Pesto and Violet on May 11, 2010 at 3:29 PM said...

Nibbles9! Oh no! Try getting onto EcoBuddies using this website address: Let me know if that works better kk?

Anonymous said...

penny and queen boo can u both be friends becuz I like you both and somebody got hurt feelings and then everyone gets mad at each other and then we say stuff we dont mean and then pple cry. kingboo has little eagle eggs that need worms by the falls so bring worms and watch u dont hurt the baby eagles. apple

Anonymous said...

Nibbles9. Have you tried clearing your cache history on your computer. This is spider's mom and we clear the cache history through the tools. It tells how if you click on the HELP button at this site entry. Spider said you were having problems. Try doing that and hope it works.

Nibbles9 said...

ok everyone my other account that i have to use now is flyingmonkey

Nibbles9 said...

ok idk if my computer is working or not but i will tell everyone tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Can u give me enough coins to buy the 20,000,000 house? right now i have 19,082 i just need one million more to go.PLZ can u?
-peacerocks- penny out!

PS jamiel that is not safe to ask for someones phone number

Pesto and Violet on May 12, 2010 at 5:03 PM said...


Hi friend! You are the first person I have ever written to on EcoBuddies! I wanted to answer this question SO MUCH and Pesto was like go for it! So I did! This is JUMBLES by the way!

Yes, never ever give out any personal information friend when you are on any website! It is not safe because then someone can see your number who should not see it! So please promise me you will be safe or I will not be able to do my magic tricks because I just cannot when I am worried!

So promise me you will not ok!

Jumbly yours!

Anonymous said...

Oh My goodness my best friend LAX1111 is tied with pennymarie at car fixing and plus i can prove it he washed all of my cars and they are all shinning in my garage and in my driveway it looks so great so if you need car repairs or washing get LAX1111 because he is the best car worker and car shiner so you know where to find him on ecobuddies is at his boat house or at the car dealer ship so get on ecobuddies and have a "NEW" car


jamiel on May 13, 2010 at 2:58 PM said...

Ok Sorry Im Never Gonna Give Out Personl Ok Sorry

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

what happened to ecobuddies????