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Monday, May 31, 2010

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 3:03 PM
NO! Terrible news! Pirates are beginning to land in EcoBuddies. It seems as though some are good and some are bad.

Captain Nut who wears red is good. He came to see us today to warn that another Pirate named Pirate Beardsley is coming to create chaos in EcoBuddies. No!

Soon Captain Beardsley showed up in the winding woods and told us that he is planning to get every animal to leave EcoBuddies for good- including all the hamsters. He said he hates all animals and wants to live in EcoBuddies so he is going to ruin it for everyone but himself. Burglette, unfortunately, was not around any leaves when this happened so she had become bad again. Her and Beardsley wear blue to show their alignment with the bad side.

Beardsley left this cryptic message as well. Can anyone solve it?

Over land and over sea
Here the pirates come to be.
Show your colors, show your pride
Then we'll know your real side.

What does this mean?

Detective Viper


JcSiiNgAs Super BLOG on May 31, 2010 at 6:00 PM said...

it means the we shall choose our colors and our side along with the colors, red for goodness like captain nut and/or blue for badness like pirate Beardsley and we have to choose which side we want to pick :)

Anonymous said...

this is eggo (leggo my eggo lol) Im so happy KINGBOO is gonna be king and he is happy. he is a super duper freind and wants pple to help eagles who are relly awsom and in danger.long live king kingboo (and queen ashly to yayaya)

Anonymous said...

I think it means that "Show your colors" is picking red or blue. "show your pride" means we have to choose which side we want to be on. "Then we'll know your real side" means we'll know your true self if you are good or bad. Red=good! like CAPTAIN NUT :) CAPTAIN BEARDSLEY :( ~bubbles125

Anonymous said...

Jamiel and jcsinga pleese be friends again!!!!! Pleeese say sorry to each other and then help with the pirats. It is way more fun wen you are friends and help ecoubuds. EVERYTIME PPLE I KNOW START DATIN ON HERE THEY END UP GETIN MAD AND THEN THERE FRIENDS GET MAD AND IT IS NO FUN TO BE AROUND!!!!

Anonymous said...

this is spider and i was just on! and botht he pirate captans were on. so lots of us wore red for the good side an Comba Womba was there and he is gonna get a red pirate army and he had great idea to collect walnuts for a walnut cannon (that bad beardsly pirate hates hamsters and all animals!) AHOY KEEP YOR EYES LOOKIN!! FROM SPIDER

Comba womba and the Jellybean Team on June 1, 2010 at 3:09 PM said...

Congrats to you both! I was the first king of Eb, so I was under a lot of pressure! I'm sure you guys will be great leaders!