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Monday, May 31, 2010

Ask Jumbles

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 6:04 PM

Dear Jumbles,

Where did you get the leafs from? What is the leafs powers and how many do we need to get rid of burglette?

Over & Out,
~bubbles125 :)

Dear Super Agent Bubbles,

The leaves are from my backyard dandelion patch. I grow each leaf with a lot of love and care until it is taller than my head. I sew two leaves together to make the costume.

You will need five to six leaves to make Burglette good. I only know this because one morning I was having brunch with PESTO and Burglette tried to steal my clown nose. I was making leaf costumes in the same room she broke into and she began sneezing very hard as soon as she climbed through the window because she is so allergic to dandelions. I have discovered since that when she is sneezing she turns good for some reason.

Hope this helps!


Dear Jumbles,
When is the new world going to be ready?
-peace rocks-
pennymarie99 :)

Dear Penny,

I keep asking Mr. Hooper the same question. He told me the New World will be in as soon as Biff wakes up to help him out. Hm...

Many thanks,

Dear Jumbles
How can ecobuddies be more greener online ?

Dear Piggers,

I think this is a great question. EcoBuddies will be adding A LOT more green items in the next month including four new green games, videos about animals, a book from Pesto about his journey in the Rainforest and more.

We also will be creating a book soon to sell online to raise money to help the animals in the oil spill. We hope to get a famous person to sign it for sure like you said. Do you have any ideas you think we should do? 

Yay! Thanks Piggers!

Dear Jumbles,

When are the new stuff coming to ecobuddies?

Dear Friend,

There will be lots of new stuff coming fast. This week we will get in profile pages for all the Buddies, as well as we will make the Buddy Juice last a LONG TIME.


Remembers friends! You can ask me a question anytime and I will respond to it!
Jumbly Yours, Jumbles


Molly4 is kool on June 1, 2010 at 5:11 PM said...

i really want to be a reporter and i wnat to be on the gpood guys said for the pirates~molly4

Anonymous said...

Dear Jumbles,
Will Tiki island be back?

Anonymous said...

Dear Jumbles,

Can you make more postcards?

Like: Happy New Year! Have a great summer! Awesome Outfit! Be my buddy? Hi there! Thank You! Your Welcome! Happy Valentine's Day! Merry Christmas! Party at my house! Nice House! Come to Winding Woods(or other places)! I'm Sorry! Welcome to EcoBuddies! Happy Halloween! Happy Thanksgiving! Cool Name! Awesome Party! I like your pets! Great Game! See you soon! etc.

Ideas from: ~bubbles125, spider, chewy123 :)

Piggers on June 6, 2010 at 4:59 PM said...

Bubbles gave me an idea we should have a list of words a list of backgrounds a list of stamp pictures and then choose 1 of each and then we can make our own cards

Anonymous said...

Dear Jumbles,

When will there be new costumes coming?

Anonymous said...

Dear Jumbles,
Why doesn't Grandpa Walnuts sell stuff in his shop?

Anonymous said...

im very sad today. sometims my friends get mad at each other becuz one will say somethin that hurts the other one and one will be sorta pushy and make another one mad..and then they say spider dont be a friend with the other. SO I WUD BE HAPPY IF THEY TRY TO TALK IT OVER and say sorry for hurtin feelings and then give a hug. its way more nice wen pple get along well. thats all i have to say - from yor friend spider.

Anonymous said...

k-- well u r rite spidey i sawa preson getin mad ata nuther persen an beeing meen sooo i sed not tobee so meen an they stoped. cool hey?i jest am hapy an nice to peepl an they ad me to ther list. by eraser

bell the pokemon wiz on July 11, 2010 at 9:09 AM said...

Dear jumbels

were did all the animals and huts go?

Preety Princess said...

Can U Give Me A Free Membership Or Lots Of Coins?!
Your Favourite Buddie,
Preety Princess