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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Posted by Pesto and Violet at 1:42 PM
Once upon a time in the magical school of ecobuddies there was a little boy named PESTO and there where these little boys and girl and they where picking on him and there names where BURGLAR, MINION , and BURGLETTE and PESTO was just dealing with getting picked on and he didn't tell his parents his teachers his friends to stand up to the bullies because he didn't want them to get mad and make them think that he is a wimp but he's not. So one day PESTO yelled in his head and this is what he said ' I have had it and this is enough!"So he took his wand and he did a magical spell and then it made BURGLAR,MINION,and BURGLETTE go to the ecobuddies time warp jail because Constable MuGruff caught them picking on PESTO and so PESTO was never picked on ever ever again in his whole life!

LAX1111 and this is my story!