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Friday, May 7, 2010

Part 1 of Jcsiinga's 3 part epic mystery!!!!!!!! Shazam!!!!!

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 5:09 PM
Hi this is my story i am JcSiiNgA, this is a three part sega, with three parts, it has suspense and mystery I hope allt he buddies enjoy this, i hope i win the Story Contest thank You Ms.Ferma and PESTO. You both ROCK!
   Once upon a time, there was a boy named THE  MINION. THE MINION had a good life, he was rich, had cool parents and friends. One day he was walking when he met a boy named BURGLAR. BURGLAR was mean and nasty. THE MINION was REALLY scared, the BURGLAR would steal something from him. Instead of doing that, BURGLAR actually wanted to befriend THE MINION. THE MINION was like "Ohh this guy is cool, I should hang out with him". So they became best friends. They did everything togethor, they even went ot College for Evil People togethor. One day they were hiking through some islands and saw an island called EcoBuddies. He saw a cool man named Pesto. They both decided to ruin his island with Ghosts of Muck, and some pretty cool aliens named Blarg and Zorg, but their evil plans were destroyed, we the buddies helped. BUT, there is a second part to this mysterious story. Just ask yourself this QUESTON.
                               Why did BURGLAR and THE MINION want to destroy EcoBuddies. Was it a distraction? This will all be told in the second part of this amazing SEGA.
                                     TO BE CONTINUED.........