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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Caramel 122's Story!

Posted by Pesto and Violet at 11:26 AM
One day on a crisp breezy fall day I Caramel122 was taking a walk outside near the wagon. When all of a sudden a hamster by the name of Pesto appeared! I jumped a little to my surprise as I never seen such a hamster. He was wearing a black suit and a nice lovely black hat that would spin in the breeze. I asked who are you. He replied I'm the great Pesto!!!! I said "oh well I'm Caramel." He said "would you like to see my castle?" I almost couldn't speak I was so honored but I did say yes. As we were walking to his castle no one was speaking. Dead silence filtered the room. But sooner or later we reached a long narrow path with blue carpet with golden fringe. I almost fainted. At the top of the castle the roof was black but it sparkled in the light. And oh the windows were sky blue that were as big as anything! I couldn't believe it. We went inside and he took me for a tour. I saw rooms with tables made out of gold, beds that were just fit for a king and last but not least I saw the backyard. It had a big in ground pool a swing set and also a big flower garden that had butterflies and bees buzzing all through it to get the last bit of nectar there can be. So I told Pesto it was a lovely castle but i had to go. He walking me home that evening and I promised myself Pesto would also be my best friend! The End Written bye: caramel122


Anonymous said...

Wonderful story!!I couldn't belive my eyes when I read the story!What a creavtive author! :D